The New Jersey Regional Healthcare Coalition maintains New Jersey’s license for Juvare applications and can offer access to all healthcare coalition members throughout New Jersey.
  • New Jersey healthcare organizations regularly utilize Juvare applications for organizational and situational awareness, communication, and regional response coordination.
  • The New Jersey Regional Healthcare Coalition maintains the statewide license for these applications through funding from the ASPR Hospital Preparedness Program.



EMResource supports exercise and live event management by allowing users to create events, notify involved individuals and collect critical information necessary to effectively respond to medical emergency situations.



eICS is used to standardize horizontal and vertical communication and collaboration to readily support response efforts. eICS automates common workflows, such as form and report generation, including fully HSEEP-compliant After-Action-Reporting.


Juvare Advisory Board

Decisions regarding EMResource system modifications are determined by the Juvare Advisory Board. The board is comprised of hospital, public health, EMS and other state/local healthcare representatives throughout the state. The board meets monthly to identify, discuss and prioritize potential system enhancements, and develop implementation strategies for any changes to the system as necessary.



Training Tools and Other Resources



Check here for answers to common queries about using Juvare and its various solutions such as EMResource and eICS. If you don’t see what you’re looking for reach out to Juvare Support.

A: Go to the Juvare sign-in page (https://login.juvare.com) and look for “Need Helping Signing In?” You’ll find a Forgot Password? option to reset your password.

A: Verify that you are using the correct website link: https://login.juvare.com. If you enter a login email and password combination that the system does not recognize, the system automatically returns you to the Log In page. Double check the information you entered, and keep the following considerations in mind:
  • Make sure Caps Lock is not turned on.
  • Your browser must be configured to allow cookies from *.juvare.com while you are in EMResource.
  • Your browser must be enabled to receive TLS and SSL.
If you are unable to connect, contact emc@njha.com or Juvare Support at +1 (877) 771-0911.

A: The comment section is only for specific information about the Divert. It is to include any pertinent public viewable descriptive information such as patient volume, ongoing hazard, neuroscience, etc.

A: Divert times have a default expiration time between two and four hours depending on the Divert type. If your Divert is longer than four hours, you will need to start a new one. If your Divert is less than four hours, you can close it manually.

A: Click the following link to be redirected to njdivert.juvare.com.

A: We’d recommend looking into our foundational and facility admin training videos which will be available for access soon. In the meantime, Juvare has several comprehensive multi-module training series available here.



Managing Events: Download Managing Events PDF

Managing Resources: Download Managing Resources PDF (from juvare.com)

Managing Statuses: Download Managing Statuses PDF

Managing Users: Download Managing Users PDF (from juvare.com)

Running Reports: Download Running Reports PDF


eICS Resources

eICS Forms and Reports: Download eICS Forms and Reports PDF

eICS Training HVAs: Download eICS Training HVAs PDF


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are available for EMResource and eICS, supported by iOS and Android. Through the apps, users can view and update healthcare facility statuses, update resource details, create or manage events, and search user information.





Contact the Experts

Jax Wigert | Emergency Management Coordinator | jwigert@njha.com | (609) 578-2238

Kirk Kiernicki | Incident Management System (IMS) Specialist | kkiernicki@njha.com


Access Portals

EMResource: https://emresource.juvare.com

eCIS: https://eics.juvare.com


Request Access

To gain access to EMResource, please send an email to emc@njha.com.