Coalition Projects

Coalition Projects

From conferences to exercises and much more, learn about New Jersey Healthcare Coalition projects to support members in the field.


Coalition Projects

There are no active exercises at this time. For more information please send an email to

The New Jersey Healthcare Coalitions facilitate a Workplace Violence Prevention Workgroup that meets monthly to discuss matters as they pertain to the prevention of workplace violence in the realm of healthcare. The workgroup meetings include spotlight speakers, which are subject matter experts in the field of workplace violence prevention.

There are no active plans being developed at this time. For more information please send an email to

A Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) and subsequent Gaps Assessment is a systematic approach to identifying hazards or risks that are most likely to have an impact on the demand for health care services or the health care delivery system’s ability to provide these services. This assessment may also include estimates of potential injured or ill survivors, fatalities, and post-emergency community needs based on the identified risks. The HVA process should be coordinated with state and local emergency management organization assessments (e.g., Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment [THIRA]) and any public health hazard assessments (e.g., jurisdictional risk assessment).

Juvare is utilized by the New Jersey Healthcare Coalitions for organizational and situational awareness, communication, and regional response coordination. One of the many Juvare applications, EMResource, supports exercise and live event management by allowing users to create events, notify involved individuals and collect critical information necessary to effectively respond to medical emergency situations. Another application, eICS, supports response efforts by automating common workflows, such as form and report generation, including fully HSEEP-compliant After-Action-Reporting. Please visit our Juvare page for additional information.

There are no current equipment purchase opportunities at this time. For more information please send an email to

The New Jersey Healthcare Coalitions actively participate in conferences all across the country to further network and gather information that is vital for the continued growth of the coalitions. For more information about conferences the team plans to attend, please send an email to

New Jersey's 2nd Annual Healthcare Workplace Violence Conference is run by the New Jersey Healthcare Coalition Emergency Management Support Team and connects workplace violence leaders and subject matter experts from across the state and nation to address the ongoing issues of violence in the field. This conference will allow networking opportunities, along with best practices and lessons learned from subject matter experts.