HCC Coalitions Regional Map

New Jersey’s Regional Health Care Coalitions

New Jersey’s three Regional Health Care and Public Health Coalitions serve the people and communities in the state by bringing together a multidisciplinary group of agencies, facilities and individuals who play a critical role in developing healthcare system preparedness and response to save lives during and after emergencies affecting the state.

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What We Do

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention promote capabilities to improve healthcare delivery before, during and after an emergency.

New Jersey’s Healthcare Coalitions work to achieve these capabilities through activities based on the state’s needs. These capabilities give New Jersey’s health and medical partners the opportunity to develop and implement a statewide strategic vision for health sector preparedness and responses.



The mission goal of New Jersey’s Healthcare Coalitions is to promote and to enhance the emergency preparedness and response capabilities of healthcare entities throughout the state.

By participating in N.J.’s Regional Coalitions, members are provided with emergency management support, collaboration, assistance, networks and expertise from peers, and coalition leadership. Leadership has direct access to state and federal agencies to meet member needs, and focus on what they can do for the Coalition Members to:

  • Connect members to share experiences and expertise to improve individual planning efforts
  • Understand member emergency management planning status and needs via one-to-one meetings, calls, member type meeting, coalition meetings and more.
  • Engage local, state and federal entities to provide expertise based on topics of interest to coalition members during meetings
  • Encourage engagement in topic specific workgroups that are member initiated, topic specific workgroups such as workplace violence, exercise development, response plan development, etc.
  • Assist in organizational regulatory compliance Develop and implement exercises to test plans and identify gaps and solutions to resolve them
  • In an event, the regional coalitions provide structure that focuses on healthcare needs and solutions as well as state and federal requirements.


Coalition Support Staff

Brett McCormick, Regional Coalition Manager

Brett McCormick,
Regional Coalition Manager

Gurpreet Kaur, Regional Coalition Manager

Gurpreet Kaur,
Regional Coalition Manager

Ryan Cassidy, Regional Coalition Manager

Ryan Cassidy,
Regional Coalition Manager

Ednan Rizvi, Regional Coalition Manager

Ednan Rizvi ,
Regional Coalition Manager

Jax Wigert, Emergency Management Coordinator

Jax Wigert,
Emergency Management Coordinator

Anthony Sokolowski

Anthony Sokolowski,
Emergency Management Coordinator